About Jian Carlo Suliano and OneCarlos PH

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About OneCarlos PH

OneCarlos PH (OneCarlosPH.com) is a Philippine-based blog that covers stories and experiences about food, travel and everything between the lines.

About Jian Carlo Suliano

Hi ~ I’m Jian Carlo Suliano aka OneCarlos. But you can surely call me Jian which I also prefer.

First off, I’m your ordinary 9-5 guy who aims to travel to each corner of the world.

In 2017, I took the challenge to be one of the first Filipino Digital Quality Moderators. Initially, only native speakers get this role. I’ve got a demonstrated history of working with a diverse team that responds to an online forum and helps small business owners thrive. I train, coach and evaluate community support specialists of a US-based accounting and payroll software company.

Also, I’m a freelance content writer for a UK-based website traffic service provider.

Secondly, I want to keep up with my hobbies in writing and photography. Over food and a cup of coffee (or whatever drink you love), join me as we talk about things we always love—from bumpy long routes to scenic views, from local to remote destinations, from tasty and unique delicacies to affordable and luxurious tummy treats.

Moreover, I travel, blog, review, proofread, curate and spread influence based on the collective needs of my clients while observing the utmost quality in English communication and social tone.

Most importantly, I’m on a personal mission of building a strong and loyal community of like-minded travelers. Feel free to join me of this mission by following me on Instagram (@onecarlos_ph). Sneak into my IG stories for some BTS and giveaway announcements!

For collaborations, business inquiries and gifting/mailing details, feel free to contact me.

Talk to you soon!