LOW COST Beach Camping at Asinan Eco-Tourism Park

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  1. Shiela says:

    Is this the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary?

    • OneCarlos says:

      Hi Shiela,

      Asinan Eco-Tourism Park is different from Olango Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary that you’re referring to is located in San Vicente, Olango Island, while this eco-tourism park is in Sabang, Asinan, Olango Island.

      Thank you.

  2. naldine says:

    how many persons can the tent accomodate?

    • OneCarlos says:

      Hi Naldine,

      Their tents are good for two or three. But I suggest contacting the person in-charge of the park to learn more about it, and if they can suggest anything about your planned camping.


  3. Cristy Casiban says:

    Can we bring our own tents?

    • OneCarlos says:

      Hi Cristy,

      Yes, you can. However, you still need to pay Php100 for the stay (usually for the overnight stay). To learn more about it and its specific arrangement, I recommend contacting the person in-charge.


  4. Anong sasakyan namin patungo Jan kasi gusto namin talaga na maka punta Jan eh taga Mandaue lng kami pls help ano po ang sasakyan namin patungo Jan😊

    • OneCarlos says:

      Hi Romelyn,

      You have different options to consider (Mandaue to Lapu-Lapu):
      – PUJ going to Punta Engaño
      – Taxi
      – Ride sharing facility, like Uber or Grab

      I’ve included this in my guide. Please feel free to scroll up to see more details.


  5. Hi Sir. Can we call the person in-charged there? So we can reserve tents to use?

  6. joanne says:

    hi ! may i know there contact # please ?

    • Jian of OneCarlos PH says:

      Hi Joanne — you can check the contact details of the person-in-charge at the bottom of this blog (right after my signature line).

  7. John Eman Ringzbe says:

    nice one bro…is there any security details for the safety of guest during overnight stay?

    • Jian of OneCarlos PH says:

      Thanks John! This is something I can’t speak about.

      I recommend contacting the person-in-charge I’ve indicated above to get the details you need.

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